About us

Behbood Noavaran Company

With 50 years of experience in meeting the equipments of the confectionary industry, Behbood Noavaran Mandegar has embarked on the production of a wide variety of improvers to bring an end to the dependence of flour producers on imported products.

With a successful track record in satisfying domestic demand and shipping to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Central Asia, and other neighboring countries, this company has undertaken the production of different kinds of cake powders, cooking sprays, baking powder, and edible phosphates; the mere trying of them would serve as proof that our products are on a par with the highest international standards.

We hope that all reputable producers in the industry lend their support and cooperation to help us produce well-known products that live up to the reputation of our country.

Raw materials

Behbood Noavaran Company offers innovative products and solutions to the confectioners and bakers and uses the highest quality domestic and imported raw materials in its products to maintain quality.

Products Manufacturing

Behbood Noavaran Mandegar Factory has taken steps in the production and preparation of products in line with the latest products and confectioneries in the world.

Rendering Services
Complying with international standards in variety, quality and health of products, and enjoying maximum support of customers to reduce production costs
Customer Insight

In consumer insight, we want to know what consumers need, what they want, and what they expect from products.