About us

Behbood Noavaran Company

Phosphate khorasan chemical co Ltd
, a well-known, customer-oriented, and successful company in producing Sodium acid pyrophosphate and baking powder, was established in 1975 in Mashhad, Iran. The company produces 4800 tons of Sodium acid pyrophosphate and 2500 tons of baking powder per year for domestic and international needs. Phosphate khorasan chemical company exports its products to central Asian countries, including Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The companies primary objective is the development of high-quality products as well as building strong customer relationships to serve its valued customers.

Raw materials

Behbood Noavaran Company offers innovative products and solutions to the confectioners and bakers and uses the highest quality domestic and imported raw materials in its products to maintain quality.

Products Manufacturing

Behbood Noavaran Mandegar Factory has taken steps in the production and preparation of products in line with the latest products and confectioneries in the world.

Rendering Services
Complying with international standards in variety, quality and health of products, and enjoying maximum support of customers to reduce production costs
Customer Insight

In consumer insight, we want to know what consumers need, what they want, and what they expect from products.